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 Warlords Rules and Requirements.

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Warlords Rules and Requirements. Empty
PostSubject: Warlords Rules and Requirements.   Warlords Rules and Requirements. Icon_minitimeThu Jun 12, 2008 3:58 pm

Warlords Rules and Requirements.

In this topic is a breif outline of what we expect of you within this guild, if you cannot comply - withdraw now Smile

There is an age restriction within the guild of 18+ unless otherwise approved by an Officer/Veteran member. Should you be under 18 please be advised.... the language isn't to clean sometimes.

The most important thing is i want you to be happy within the guild and have fun during your time here. Should you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact any of the Officers, if its more important contact the guild leader (Hykren) either ingame or via PM on here.

The DO's:-

1) Call of duty. No matter what you are doing you are to cease all actions and do as the Guild Leader or Officers have instructed.

2) You MUST be in ventrilo when you are logged into the game. There is no excuse not to be in there this will increase the relationships between ourselves and actually helps out alot for long grind periods just to talk to someone.

3) You MUST read the forums either before or after you have played Archlord to know exactly whats happening within the guild. This cuts down questions that shouldn't be asked ingame.

4) If a guild member is having problems with some pk'ers you MUST assist them. Warlords is a PvP guild you will gain the odd bounty and vp, just know your limits and don't go over the edge when helping others.

5) Team work is key for co-ordination and its what keeps us at the top of this game. All PvP situations such be co-ordinated in ventrilo with one target caller while the others assist. (This will usually be a veteran or higher rank)

6) You MUST hit the weekly level requirements:

lvl40-50 - 3 Level per week
lvl50-60 - 2 Level per week
lvl61-70 - 1 Level per week
lvl70-76 - 1 Level per 2 week
lvl77+ - No requirement

These are basic outlines and ultimately will keep you going in the game longer without feeling you're falling behind. They're not difficult to achieve as long as you spread it over the week.

7) You MUST attend all Seiges and planned GvG's unless personal matters are in the way.

8.) During Seiges/GvG's/Planned PvP you MUST listen to target callers and keep the channel clear for instructions.

9) Listen to others that are more experienced and take their advise.

10) Act in a mature fashion, on the forums and in ventrilo please.

The do NOT's:-

1) Do NOT under any circumstance greif your own guild members.

2) Do NOT question either the Guild Leaders or an Officers decisions.

3) Do NOT buy online gold.

4) Do NOT buy online powerlevelling.

5) Do NOT share your account to another player for it to be levelled.

6) Do NOT interferre with Guild politics. (I.e - Do not greif our allies should we ever have some)

7) Do NOT attempt to make a profit out of the guild. All gear should be saved and passed on to an upcoming member.

8.) Do NOT beg for gold off anyone inside the guild, everyone has made it on their own, there should be no reason why you can't do the same.

9) Do NOT ignore a guild member in trouble.

10) Do NOT act in a manner such that you give the Warlords tag a bad name. (i.e - Do not curse out and trash talk to much don't forget others around may wont to join the guild and you are representing a whole guild)

11) No racism.

12) No cussing out in local/white/shout chat under any circumstance. If i find you do it i'll report you myself. (there is no restriction in guild chat considering its an 18+ guild i couldn't give a fuck what you say.)

13) Do NOT cause drama. (Well cut it down please.... i know its impossible in this game but don't cause it IN guild.)

14) Do NOT use 3rd party programs to level yourself while afk.

Violation of any of the above will subject you to a warning.

1st - Verbal warning.
2nd - Verbal warning + a gold fine.
3rd - You will be suspended from the guild for a 24/48 hours period dependant upon the action + a gold fine.
4th - You will be kicked from guild.

This topic is subject to change at any time. Members will be notified when changes occur.

If you have any questions about the above please reply to the topic made in the General Section of the forums.


Warlords Rules and Requirements. Dandrummer
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Warlords Rules and Requirements.
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